Global's Health Maintenance Program

(As written by Bert Oostlander)

Success with racing pigeons in breeding and racing starts with good health. Assuming you have good pigeons, I would like to address how to achieve good health. Before breeding and racing all pigeons should go through a regular health maintenance program, to make sure that they are totally "clean" and they do not have the slightest chance of carrying a contagious virus or bacteria. We at Global feel we have a health maintenance program that, if followed on a regular basis along with some common sense precautions, will keep your pigeons healthy year around. This program consists of medications, vaccines, vitamins, both domestic and foreign. When administered correctly during several strategic periods of the year, we found it to be very effective.

Before Breeding and Racing

Vaccinate all pigeons against Paramyxovirus (PMV-1) For those who do not like to vaccinate, we offer alternatives. For Paratyphoid, give the pigeons DAC Furaltadone in the water for 10-14 days. For Paramyxovirus use Lasota in the water for 1 day only. Lasota will give pigeons a short-time immunity and should be repeated every 6-8 weeks. Many fanciers feel there is no need to vaccinate for POX, but we highly recommend it. Vaccinate your young birds only, with the pox vaccine from Elanco,This is a brush-on type vaccine and this may be done at the same time when vaccinating for Paramyxovirus. After medicating, vaccinating, stress or sickness a good pro-biotic should be given in the water or over the feed for two days. There are several good ones on the market, such as; Entero-Extra (Global) or Probios. This is to restore the "natural" gut bacteria destroyed by medicating, vaccinating, stress, etc. This is necessary for the proper digestion of the feed and to maintain balance in the digestive system. Vitamins may be given at the same time as the pro-biotic, Entero-Extra (Global) is a pro-biotic, that is supported with a whole series of vitamins. We highly recommend Global's Multi-Vit Mineral Grit. This is a mixture of all types of grit, mineral powder, P40 pellets, Tovo, Candy Feed, egg white, gripe sugar, and more, fortified with vitamins. The pigeons really go crazy over this product, as they seem to get addicted to it.

Four Weeks Before Racing

Five days of Global's Multi-Mix against (Canker-Coccidiosis-Worms) or Dacoxine 4-in-1 against (Canker-Cocci-Paratyphoid-E-Coli). After treatment give two days of Probiotic Entero-Extra (Global). Continue to give the pigeons vitamins once or twice a week throughout the breeding and racing periods. 

Respiratory Treatment (2 weeks before the races)

It may be a good idea at this point to give the pigeons a respiratory treatment. This can be done with the following products: Tylosine (DAC), 1+1 Cure (Broomhexine & Doxycycline) (DAC) or Spiradac (Suanovil) (DAC) or use one of Global's most successful products Respiratory Plus. Spiradac is very effective if given every two weeks during the racing season, it will not harm condition. For mucus in the throat, we recommend Broomhexine (DAC), the day before basketing, many that have used it, feel it gives the birds a boost. 

One Week Before Racing

Three days of Multi-Mix (Global) and one day of pro-biotic, Entero-Extra (Global) or any of the previously mentioned pro-biotics. Global's Multi-Mix may be given every two weeks for 1 or 2 days during the racing season, as it will not harm condition, preferably on the Monday after the race. 



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