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Product Image Combi-Mix


$ 11.00

Colombine Combi-Mix is a mixture of natural products: marine shells grit, grind, clay, redstone and small seeds. Very easy to use: done with all those little pots on the loft, but now one total supply in one single preparation.

Directions for use
Colombine Combi-Mix should be present on the loft as supplier of nutritious elements the whole year through. Fill up a tray with a few tablespoons of Combi-Mix per 10 pigeons. Refresh daily.

Analytical constituents
 Crude ash   90,8 
 Calcium   22,8 
 Phosphorus   0,20 
 Sodium   0,60 

 Marine shells grit      
 Small seeds      
 Stomach gravel      
 Brewer´s yeast      

Mineral mix